Unmissable Tools

On Line

  • Mega.nz
    • Plenty of online space to share big files with colleagues. Priceless when you have to send a 2Gb file to a client.
    • https://mega.nz
  • Reg Ex Pal
  • Encryptomatic
    • Are you a GMail user, unable to open attached emails in .eml format, used by Outlook ? Here it’s a quick converter. Just upload the .eml file. It gives you also the possibility to access files that were originally attached into the .eml message.
    • https://www.encryptomatic.com/viewer/
  • Trello
    • A quick and intuitive tool to track activities based on dashboards that you can customize as you prefer. Premium features are available but the free account is powerful enough to use it in your project.
    • https://trello.com/
  • BPMN.io
  • xip.io
    • Uno speciale “domain name” che fornisce wildcard DNS per ogni indirizzo IP.
    • http://xip.io/

Off Line