What I liked of Codemotion 2012

I’m just back from the Codemotion 2012 held in Rome.

Here’s the list of the most interesting technologies and startup companies I discovered there.

On the tech side I found these topics quite interesting:

  • OrientDB, an very interesting graph database http://www.orientechnologies.com/.
  • Three.js (http://mrdoob.github.com/three.js/) a very powerful javascript library to ease the use of WebGL.
  • Near Field Communication, a new technology that allows devices and electronic tags to exchange data within a range of centimeters. I was not even aware of it. The standards, though, seem not to be totally interoperable.
  • HTML5′s storage solutions: Web Storage, Web SQL Database, Indexed DB and File API. Even though they are not so widespread supported by the main browsers at a level that I feel they should, to make me give them a try in a real world application.
  • Backbone JS (http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/) brings MVC on the client side. Is it SEO friendly too ? Have to check… It does not seem to be SEO friendly at all, unless you don’t follow this rules.

Here, instead, a bunch of interesting newco:

  • http://map2app.com/ allows you to generate map based applications that can be distributed on various mobile stores.
  • http://hypertvx.com they came out with a nice idea to synchronise a TV program with a stream of media on your mobile devices.

It could be worth to mention LVenture (http://www.lventure.it) a venture capital that funded some of the start up companies present at Codemotion.

Many thanks to Francesco for the beers we shared in the always awesome Rome nights.

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