Get rid of folder that should not be versioned

If you work with subversion, for sure you had the problem to tell to subversion to ignore a folder inside your working copy. This happens for example if your IDE builds the sources in a folder inside your working copy. From the very first commit you’ll start noticing that subversion wants to add that “build” folder to your repository. But, obviously, this is not a good practice.

So you can tell subversion to ignore a folder. Just move in the folder that contains the folder you want to be ignored by subversion and type the following command.

svn propset svn:ignore <dir_you_want_to_be_ignored> .

The “dot” at the end is important! It means you’re specifying which folders of the current folder you want to be ignored.

Please note that <dir_you_want_to_be_ignored> should be written without trailing slashes. So for example if you want the build directory not to be managed by subversion, type…

svn propset svn:ignore build .

And not…

svn propset svn:ignore build/ .

This is a quick tip. I always forget how to do it, so I wrote that little note.